63. Channeling From Beyond The Grave with Barbara With
Pursuit Of InfinityDecember 08, 202301:10:0596.3 MB

63. Channeling From Beyond The Grave with Barbara With

In this week’s episode we welcome Barbara With to the show. Barbara has been a spiritual psychic reader since 1987. She has been conducting and documenting thousands of channeling sessions around the world, and claims to have the ability to speak the voices of Albert Einstein and other Angelic peacemakers from “beyond the grave.” We unpack these statements and more, and I must say having not had much experience with the topic of channeling, I was refreshed by her outlook on the world, humanity, and consciousness. Its my belief that no matter where the information comes from, we should value it on its merits as it resonates and speaks to us as spiritual philosophy, instead of jumping to base its value on whether or not we consider it to be quote unquote true. What is truth anyway if not a resonant fact that embodies the spirit of compassion and progress? The information that Barbara channels offers both, and she gave me quite a lot to think about in this conversation.  





Music By Nathan Willis RIP

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